Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has inaugurated the 24th session of Cairo ICT 2020

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has inaugurated the 24th session of the Cairo International Exhibition for Information and Communication Technology (Cairo ICT 2020), which this year is being held under the slogan “The Big Reset”.

Cairo ICT 2020 kicked off on Sunday the 22nd of November,  held at the Egypt International Exhibition Center (EIEC) in New Cairo.

Osama Kamal, CEO of Trade Fairs International, expressed his happiness with the exhibition’s launch. This is particularly as the exhibition has become the main platform in which all institutions, bodies, and companies, compete to review their latest projects and technological solutions.

Kamal added that the exhibition’s current session is considered an exceptional session, in the full sense of the word. It is taking place at an important time, and will serve to highlight the significance of technology and the need to accelerate the shift away from a traditional lifestyle.

It is also particularly relevant due to the accelerated digital transformation caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which demonstrated that technology is no longer a luxury, but a cornerstone of our lives.

“We decided to choose the slogan for this year’s session of the exhibition to emphasise the current stage, in which we are starting a major and radical change at all levels,” he said, “People’s interests change, institutions’ interests change, consumer interests change, government interest changes, and all these changes are heralded by technology.”

Cairo ICT 2020 ``THE BIG RESET``

The Big Reset: We are in the middle of Big Reset, a new way of thinking about life, business, and the global economy. Cairo ICT 2020 will focus and outline some of the next steps that will help governments, public and private sectors to adapt quickly to this new reality.

 Is Cairo ICT 2020 Essential?

It goes without saying the world needs to either restart or evolve; but for this part of the world (the Middle East and Africa), the choices are even slimmer. A reset is perhaps a God-sent opportunity to open a clean sheet, set new priorities and realize that any delay in pursuing the latest in technology can never be a luxury anymore.

Just three years ago, we chose “Disruption ERA” as a slogan and theme for Cairo ICT  2017; we approached the topic of digital transformation from a technology disruption perspective. The main concept was “how can technology help government, public and private sectors adapt to a fast-changing technology-powered world?”

We also focused on how mature or otherwise compulsory companies could borrow principles and the process from disruptive startups to jump-start their businesses ahead of competition in a fast-changing ecosystem.

Looking back on such technologies, principles and methodologies presented at Cairo ICT 2017, we see how they apply to the current tsunami of disruptions, currently sweeping the globe: The COVID-19 pandemic.

President Sisi @ Cairo ICT for the 6th Consecutive Year

For this and for many more reasons,

Cairo ICT is mandatory, not only essential. Now is the time to listen; now is the time to carefully watch; but now is not the time to tread carefully, rather move rapidly and boldly. Cairo ICT 2020 is no more a place for window-shopping, but a platform for very selective decision-makers to meet one another and press forward.

The main difference between transforming now in during The Big Reset times versus doing it in response to earlier technology disruptions is the significantly accelerated timeline. What you may have been able to spend 12 months considering a couple of years ago, you may have to build in 12 days. Action is of the essence now, more than ever.

“The mission of Cairo ICT 2020 is to help the region transform; not just transform but transform better and faster than ever for a much-needed-better-future”

Industry Leadership Quotes

24 Years of Cairo ICT

In 2020 Cairo ICT can look back on 23 years of success. Launched 24 years ago as the first and only ICT trade fair and forum in Egypt and north Africa, Cairo ICT rapidly became a major regional success. With the expert knowledge of Tradefairs International team, long years of experience and a keen understanding of the latest disruptive technology trends and the implications of a fast-paced technological industry development, Cairo ICT established itself as MEA’S leading ICT trade fair and forum.

Over the past 23 years Cairo ICT has not only grown in domains, size, exhibitor numbers and regional attendance, it has also become a comprehensive showcase for new technologies from around the world. Every year Cairo ICT draws attendees from the world to the MEA region to do business. When you join Cairo ICT, you become part of the bigger picture of a country moving forward, an African continent pressing ahead, a region racing to reach the rest of the world, and a world swiftly moving

Cairo ICT 2019 Highlights

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Featured Trends

Cairo ICT show floor also reflects trends in society as well as technical and economic developments in the region

Cyber Security

Cyber Security – Across All Domains

Cairo ICT 2020 will be the main showcase and platform for major cybersecurity brands, market leaders, cyber security experts and hot start‐ups to explore and debate the advancements in cyber security and the impact it will have on the MEA region. Cairo ICT 2020 will tackle the real issues facing CISOs and security professionals today as the modern enterprises evolve, as well as showcasing the most innovative and important developments in the security solutions market. Top Notch industry experts will explore the latest Cyber Security topics in a must attend sessions and panels.

Next-generation Mobile Communication (5G)

Connectivity and the Next-generation Mobile Communication (5G)

The COVID-19 global outbreak is already changing how and where people work – and 5G will add to the options we have for telecommuting. Both will force companies to rethink how aggressively to promote telecommuting and how we provision remote workers to slow the advance of pandemic threats
In addition to providing much faster internet connectivity, 5G promises to enable a slew of new technology products and services from self-driving cars to intelligent factories.

“Quality data in a timely manner”

Cairo ICT 2020 will showcase and discuss the  latest innovations within the  AI & Big Data technologies, covering the impact of AI and Big Data Analytics on wide spectrum of industries including manufacturing, transport, supply chain, logistics, automotive, construction, government, energy, utilities, insurance, healthcare and retail.

AI and Big Data Analytics

Next generation cloud

Cairo ICT 2020 will be the most definitive gathering of cloud thought leaders, visionaries and practitioners in the world. Through the exhibition floor, panel discussions, hands-on demonstrations, insightful speakers and candid interviews with the people shaping the cloud computing industry.

Next generation cloud

Smart Connected Cities

Smart Connected Cities

Smart Connected Cities exist on the intersection of digital technology, disruptive innovation and urban environments. They are an exciting place to work and live and the breeding ground for new ideas.
A city is intelligent when investments take place in human and social capital, traditional infrastructure and in disruptive technologies targeting sustainable economic growth and high-quality living, based on responsible management of resources

Cairo ICT 2020

While the Covid-19 pandemic presents business risks in some areas, it also offers opportunities in others. The key is to acknowledge the potential threats while exploring the possibilities.
The Big Reset: We are in the middle of Big Reset, a new way of thinking about life, business, and the global economy. Cairo ICT 2020 will focus and outline some of the next steps that will help governments, public and private sectors to adapt quickly to this new reality

Featured Speakers

Across the different Sectors, themes and trends at Cairo ICT, Our Speakers present a glimpse into the region future through workshops, conversations, and panels highlighting case studies and implementations of the most disruptive, innovative, transformative technologies shaping our future

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