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Welcome to Cairo ICT 2023

The leading technology expo for Africa and the Middle East. As we embark on our 27th edition, we remain committed to showcasing the latest advancements in Information Technology, Telecommunications, Satellite Communications, and Artificial Intelligence.


From November 19 – 22, over 500 regional and international entities will gather to exchange ideas, share insights, and shape the future of technology. Despite the global geopolitical and economic challenges, we continue to foster an environment of innovation, collaboration, and growth.


This year, our slogan is ‘Ignite Innovation: Merging Minds & Machines for a Better World‘. We aim to explore the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence and its potential to reshape our world when combined with human intellect. From PAFIX to Insuretech, Manutech to Intellicities, DSS to Connecta, AI will take center stage, driving discussions and inspiring change.

Experience Seven Diverse Events on a Single, Comprehensive Mega Platform

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Conference Speakers
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Cairo ICT is not just about witnessing technology; it's about living it and shaping it

Cairo ICt 2023


Immerse yourself in the forefront of technology trends. Engage with the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, and the emerging Metaverse. Connect with world-renowned hardware and software developers, and discover ground-breaking innovations that are shaping our future.

Artificial Intelligence

Decoding the Future: Navigating the Next Frontier in Artificial Intelligence

Data Center Technologies

Unleashing the Future: Exploring Innovations in Hyper-scale Data Center Technologies

Cloud Technology

Shaping the Future: The Revolutionary Impact of Cloud Technology on Industries


Into the Breach: Navigating the Complex World of Cybersecurity in an Era of Digital Threats

Digital Banks

Revolutionizing Finance: The Rise and Future of Digital Banks

Stay tuned for more details ...

Cairo ICT 2023

Featured Speakers

Cairo ICT

Partners of Success

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