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Cairo ICT '24: The Next Wave​

Join us at the 28th edition of Cairo ICT, the premier technology exhibition and conference for the Middle East and Africa, held on 17 – 20 November at Egypt Exhibition Center, New Cairo. This year's event promises to be our most groundbreaking yet, covering the region with cutting-edge innovations and future trends.


For 27 years, Cairo ICT has been the leading platform for technological advancements in the Middle East and Africa. This year, under the theme “The Next Wave,” we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible, showcasing the latest technologies and exploring future trends.

Our Mission has been and continues to provide a dynamic platform where innovation thrives, knowledge is shared, and connections are made. At Cairo ICT ’24, our focus is on “The Next Wave” of technological advancements. This year’s event will delve into transformative technologies reshaping industries, economies, and societies. Attendees will have the opportunity to:

Explore Emerging Technologies: From 5G and beyond, AI-driven solutions, blockchain innovations, to the latest in satellite communications.
Engage with Thought Leaders: Hear from visionaries who are pioneering the next wave of technological breakthroughs.
Experience Hands-On Demos: Interact with cutting-edge products and solutions that redefine what’s possible.


Be Part of The Next Wave ...

Experience Seven Diverse Events on a Single, Comprehensive Mega Platform

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Cairo ICT '24 is not just an event; it's a movement towards a smarter, more connected future

Cairo ICT '24


Cairo ICT ’24 is the place to be for anyone passionate about technology. Be part of the conversation, explore new possibilities, and take your place at the forefront of the next wave of innovation.

AI and Machine Learning: Hands-On with Real-World Applications

A comprehensive look at AI and machine learning, with practical applications in various industries.

Building Smart Cities: IoT Integration and Innovation

Exploring the future of urban living through the lens of smart city technologies and IoT integration. This will include demonstrations of smart city solutions, including traffic management systems, smart grids, and public safety technologies.

The New Era of AI and its Impact on Data Centers

With Data Centers serving as the Critical Infrastructure Supporting the AI Ecosystem, Innovative Solutions Are Needed to tackle sustainability challenges, and with digital transformation across sectors gaining momentum, and with the rise in power-intensive AI applications, the demand for data services globally is rising exponentially. The AI market has the potential to grow, thanks to the boom in generative AI

Cybersecurity Bootcamp: Protecting Digital Assets
A deep dive into the latest cybersecurity threats and countermeasures.
Satellite Technology Innovations: Designing the Future
Sessions focused on the latest advancements in satellite communications and technology, as well as applications in vertical industries, such as banks and oil & gas
Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: Beyond Bitcoin
Understanding the potential of blockchain technology beyond cryptocurrencies. With hands-on sessions on creating and deploying smart contracts, exploring blockchain use cases in supply chain, finance, and more.
Exploring the Next Generation of Connectivity
This session will delve into the transformative potential of 5G technology. Topics will cover 5G applications, interactive sessions on network infrastructure, and discussions on the impact of 5G on various industries.
Big Data Analytics: Turning Data into Insights

Learn how to harness big data for actionable business insights. Focus on data collection, data cleaning, and applying analytical tools to derive meaningful insights from large datasets.

Cloud Computing: From Infrastructure to Applications

A comprehensive look at cloud computing technologies and their applications. Sessions will cover setting up cloud infrastructure, deploying cloud applications, and exploring cloud security.

Stay tuned for more details ...

Special Features:

• Meet the Consultants: Dedicated ongoing matchmaking meetings with local and regional consultants to discuss the latest trends and how they can be adopted.

• CIO Summit the role of CIOs is evolving rapidly, and their role is constantly evolving. To be in the best position to discover new trends and meet challenges head-on. CIOs will seek actionable insights, new technologies and lasting connections to navigate disruption, tackle AI and lead their organizations at Cairo ICT ‘24.

• Future Zone: A glimpse into the next decade of technological advancements.

• Investor Meetups: Opportunities for startups and investors to connect and collaborate.

• Data Centers: The Foundation of the Digital Evolution

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