Under the High Patronage of H.E. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi President of the Arab Republic of Egypt


The 3rd Innovation Arena for the Middle East and Africa


The 5th Payment, FinTech & Digital Inclusion Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa 


The 4th Defense, Security and Public Safety Technology Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa


The 4th Intelligent and Connected Cities Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa


The Government Transformation Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa


The Smart Transportation Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa


The Learning Technology Fair & Forum for the Middle East and Africa


Welcome to the 22nd edition of Cairo ICT

MEA’s leading International Telecommunication and Information Technology Trade Fair and Forum for the Middle East and Africa

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Along the past 21 years, Cairo ICT has been hovering around the concepts of transformation, however leading to the concept through multiple ways. It is well-known that the event was a regional and perhaps a world leader in the convergence of technologies, far ahead of its peers and competitor. Besides, from convergence to disruption, the path was long and rough; many concepts at times were introduced either quite timely or, unfortunately, prematurely for a region (the Middle East and Africa) still lagging be-hind the advanced world.

But here we are today, satisfied with the past, but with eyes open-wide on the future, seeking to serve the same region with concepts to help its people thrive and make up for time lost in hesitation and time lost in slow response to people’s aspirations. What was an option few years ago has become a need, turning to-day into a warning “Transform or Die!

Driving Transformation


DRIVING TRANSFORMATION” is the slogan of the 2018 round, ICT is transforming the world through innovative ideas, concepts and platforms. However, the ICT field itself is transforming as important shifts are happening in both the telecommunication and the Information Technology fields. The major shift in new cutting-edge AI technologies has both current and future potential impact across all industry and service sectors in terms of capabilities and endless opportunities for all. But with opportunity comes the challenge, pointing out that data generated by AI is owned only by the few  companies and/or individuals - who use their data ownership for their own profit maximization. Introducing AI in heavily populated countries, such as Egypt or Nigeria will receive resistance as AI increasingly replaces humans in many professions and jobs. Introducing AI and its potential needs to be associated with a serious discussion about the future of work-force in the AI era, which is not only transforming societies but also transforming the ICT industry itself.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi

@ Cairo ICT

“Proud of real achievements on the ground, which will play an instrumental role in bringing about paradigm shift in ICT… the country continues to support the ICT sector, key to economic development.”

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi @ Cairo ICT 2017

Cairo ICT in the past few years has had clear demarcation lines that slowly disappeared into one seamless exhibition and conference that provides opportunities for corporations, vendors, integrators, developers… etc. to grow and to meet their potential clients and peers. It is a unique blend of government, business, academia, users from the most important domains. In 2018, this magic blend is stated clearly into main sectors spread along 50,000 square meters of exhibition space and 8 conference rooms to cover:


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Featured Speakers

Across the different Sectors, themes and trends at Cairo ICT, Our Speakers present a glimpse into the region future through workshops, conversations, and panels highlighting case studies and implementations ofthe most disruptive, innovative, transformative technologies shaping our future

Said About CAIRO ICT


“We are very pleased to have actively participated at The 20th Cairo ICT. Well organized to integrate a host of diversified businesses in the space of Technology and Innovation. I have enjoyed and benefited from the rich interactions at the sessions and panel discussions that brought the strategies and plans together under one roof, strategies that will orchestrate the near future. Well done!”

Tarek El-Husseini, North and West Africa General Manager – Visa


“We were honored by H.E. President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s inauguration of Cairo ICT 2016 in its 20th round. We are delighted to be part of this successful and professional round of Cairo ICT. The exhibition and conference were very well organized and through Cairo ICT we were able to meet all high officials we wanted to meet under one roof.”

Eng. Walid Fouad, Regional Manager – Safran Morpho


We are always keen on participating annually in Cairo ICT, as it represents a launch platform for the ICT sector with other sectors that e-finance targets. We particularly participate in PAFIX which is being held for the 2nd year in a row. We see progress every year through participations.”

Ibrahim Sarhan, CEO and Chairman – e-finance


“It is an honor and a privilege for Xerox to participate in Cairo ICT 2016 exhibition for the 19th consecutive year, showcasing a variety of Xerox’s latest technological solutions and devices that are developed to support companies to deliver more jobs in less time, and more efficiently.The exhibition acts as a platform, not only for showcasing the latest state of the art technologies and solutions but also for sharing knowledge and exchanging ideas about successful business models within the industry as well as attracting more investments”. He also added: “Xerox-Egypt being the market leader in MPS is always keen on participating in Cairo ICT as it plays an important role in enhancing and promoting the Egyptian market and the IT sector.“

Haitham Abdou, General Manager – Xerox


“Cairo ICT is not just an event, Its pure platform with enablement tools that help you to launch your new products and solutions in Egypt market . With quality of attendees and focused industries it allows you to hit your ROI. We were happy to participate this year and for sure 2017 we have bigger plans of participation.”

Dia Hamdan, Regional Marketing Manager -TPlink


“The Egyptian telecom and technology market is extremely intelligent and susceptible to growth. An enormous conference such as Cairo ICT brings together ideas, advancements, technologies, and future plans by professionals in all the key fields to set Egypt on the right path; this is the type of initiative Egypt needs to see more of. The main objective of Ericsson’s participation this year was to focus on the Networked Society and the Internet of Things, We furthermore focused on presenting our future plans and strategies as a leader in the field of telecommunications and information technology, in addition to how expanding uses of the fourth generation can achieve maximum benefit for all”

Helene Henriksson, Head of Ericsson Egypt


“DSS is a nice platform in MENA region for security manufactures to show they latest solutions and products, it provides us with wonderful chances to have communication with other companies in this industry. Security is an important fundamental of the society and its development, as one of technical prevention forces, this kind of communication promotes us to keep working on technical innovation and to provide better vertical solutions for defense & security
as well. It’s our pleasure to participate in this event.”

Laila Li-Marketing Specialist- Hikvision Middle East & North Africa

Cairo ICT 2017 has concluded a more than successful 21st round

With a memorable opening by H.E. President Abd-el Fattah El Sisi and a record number of visitors, which is nearing the mark 100,000. More than 500 exhibitors from 16 countries expressed appreciation for the unique organization of Cairo ICT 2017, held at Egypt’s brand-new venue “Egypt Exhibition Center”, which was finalized in a record time to host Egypt’s prime event, and one of the region’s top technology exhibitions and Conferences.

“Expect the Unexpected” was a slogan for Cairo ICT 2017, meaning the unpredicted is what ultimately prevails, and this should be expected i.e. don’t get surprised when something outside the norm prevails. This slogan may seem like a description of the state of technology. That’s true, but not the whole truth; in today’s world it applies to all domains. And that’s what 93,234 visitors came face-to-face with it along four days, starting from President Sisi’s reply to Cairo ICT Chairman Ossama Kamal, who had said the event was honoured by the President’s visit. President replied: “The honour is mine to meet such distinguished people in such a distinguished event”.

Cairo ICT 2017 incorporated 4 sub-events, namely PAFIX, in its 4th round, received bankers, fintech professionals and the business community interested in digital inclusion, fintech and blockchain technology;

Intelli-Cities, in its third edition, saw professionals following the entire range, from a smart city infrastructure and utilities, to smart homes. Cairo ICT 2017 incorporated also the 3rd round of DSS, which saw many professionals, some in uniform, to learn about technologies employed in Defense, Security and Public Safety for government and domestic use.

Finally, the big bang was with the resounding success of the Innovation Arena, with more than 50 startups displaying their innovative ideas in 7 different domains, both on the ground and in a pitch battle that culminated in 8 mega prizes. It also comprised presentations, training sessions and different activities for the future.

The Support Cairo ICT has received in this and the past rounds from H.E. Abdel Fattah El Sisi has helped the event grow to be one of the leading events in Africa and the Middle East. Our gratitude to H.E. President Sisi is beyond expression, as he has given this conference and exhibition long hours despite major issues Egypt is undergoing, proving his profound belief in the industries covered by Cairo ICT and their representatives.

Much gratitude goes also to H.E. Egypt’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology Eng. Yasser El Kadi, who has followed every single detail of the event throughout the year.

Without our sponsors and exhibitors, who strongly believe in Cairo ICT, it could not have singled itself out among prestigious events of the world. The same goes to a strong specialized media in Egypt, who continue to power the event year after another.

Last but not least, the Cairo ICT family would like to offer the success of our late Founder Mrs. Amani Ghanem, who has been absent for the second year, but can never be forgotten



Egypt International Exhibition Center(EIEC)