TransMEA 2018 showcased the world’s transport technology systems that help develop the transport industry in the Middle East and the African continent. The first edition discussed digital transformation in transport sector, AI technology in transport, Real-time traffic information, Multimodal Transport vision and more. Forum speakers included H.E.  Dr. Hisham Arafat, Egypt’s Minister of Transport, Dr. Nabil Bin Mohammed Al Amoudi, Saudi Minister of Transport, General Mohab Mamish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Economic Zone, and a number of transport industry leaders. Speakers came from large transport corporates including GE, Siemens, Alstom, Thales, Vinci, Colas Rail, Mapso, Ray C, Transmash, Progress Rail, White Owl and many more.

TransMEA 2019

Change is coming to transportation, whether we are ready for it or not. Digital railways, next-generation vehicles and smart mobility services are based on the “information everywhere” world that is disrupting transportation.

Urban populations continue to rise faster than capacity of roads, rail and other types of transport. This pressure on transport infrastructure is driving investments to over a trillion dollars a year. However, the Digital Age offers consumers real choice based on a picture of alternative routes, and network status. Transport operators adopt new business models to transform the use of user information, payments, integration and automation.


TransMEA 2019 addresses transformation in transport, based on new disruptive trends in:

  • Roads & Road Building
  • Railways
  • Underground Rails
  • Sea Transport and Sea Ports
  • Traffic and Traffic Management

TransMEA 2019 will tackle smart transport in many important areas, including:

  • Shaping the digital rail supply chain Adopting the digital-rail infrastructure ecosystem: smart cities, smart travel, smart life
  • Adopting the digital-rail infrastructure ecosystem
  • Envisioning digital multimodal networks: coordinated, integrated, streamlined and safe
  • How user-centered mobility services put travelers in control; public transport will become personal
  • How intelligent transport networks sense demand, measure performance, and monitor physical assets.
  • The revolution in pricing and payment in the coming years (Digitization of tickets).
  • Automation and safety using cognitive technology to save millions of lives on the roads and railways.
  • Achieving network optimization and shaping the digital rail supply chain
  • Efficient solutions at the heart of cities: trains, signaling, services and infrastructure

TransMEA 2019  will pay special attention to the role of sustainable transportation` in the only all- inclusive transportation exhibition and conference in 2 continents that showcases transport technology and the link between transportation and development, as transportation is one of the most influential sectors on most other industries and growth in the economy. As much of the Arab World and African transportation is still road-based, the continent needs to ready itself to take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – doing so, connectivity, data and analytics, and autonomous vehicles will play a transformative role in future transportation by 2030.

What to expect at TransMEA 2019 :

  • Railway Technology
  • Railway Infrastructure
  • Public Transport
  • Interiors
  • Vehicles
  • Tunnel Construction
  • Intralogistics Systems
  •  Warehouse Management Systems
  • Auto-ID Systems
  • Packaging Technology
  • Freight Transport
  • Logistics Technology
  • IT/ Telematics
  • Telecommunications

Exhibitor Profile

  • Road construction & maintenance
  • Roadside equipment, road marking and street reflecting materials
  • Rail technology, Tunnel technology
  • Digital traffic lights and dynamic signage systems
  • Barrier systems
  • Emergency systems & equipment
  • Detection, information & warning systems
  • Parking equipment and parking control info systems
  • Ticketing & payment systems
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Monitoring & control systems
  • Toll collection systems
  • Courier and express delivery
  • Logistics and cargo handling terminals
  • Ports, freight terminals and logistics equipment
  • Railways, rolling-stock and component parts
  • Containers, cargo vehicles, cargo handling equipment
  • Transport automation solutions
  • Rail Profile Measurement System (RPMS)
  • Track Geometry Measurement System (TGMS)
  • Crossroad control systems
  • Intelligent Traffic System (ITS)
  • Command & Control rooms
  • Evaluation and inspection systems
  • Intelligent traffic schools
  • Simulators & Training systems
  • Call centers and support
  • Software Management systems:
  • Railway operation management system (OMS)
  • Ticketing and reservation applications
  • Transportation mobile applications
  • Ports National Single Window

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