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Welcome to the 5th edition of PAFIX

MEA’s leading expo & forum, focused on innovative financial inclusion , payments & transaction, retail banking technology, cyber-security and Fintech

PAFIX 2018, already in its 5th round, has been a voice that has been calling on banks and financial institutions to take up digital inclusion as a means to help themselves as much as to help the underserved population of our region. But those traditional institutions moved cautiously until FinTech sounded the alarm. It was only then that the financial sector policymakers recognized the “game-changing” potential of digital financial inclusion. Now, global financial regulators have the opportunity and responsibility to set the standards for both the risks and rewards of FinTech.
Unbanked individuals are increasingly gaining accessto financial services through digital channels that offer basic financial services at greater convenience and lower cost than traditional banks. New institutions and new collaboration
methods are far reaching and efficient in creating the digital finance ecosystem.



“Digital financial inclusion” is the digital access to formal financial services for underserved populations. For such services to be suited to customer needs, at a cost affordable to customers and sustainable for providers, PAFIX 2018 will tackle its 4 key components:

  • Regulators who either make way for digital financial inclusion or will block the way to defend current positions of financial institutions.
  • Digital Transaction Platforms that enable customers to use a device to make/receive payment transfers and to store value electronically
  • Retail Agents who convert cash into electronically- stored value/transform stored value back into cash.
  • Enablers from both the government and civil society who provide programs that serve as a catalyst for faster growth.



In order to achieve the purpose of digital inclusion, all four key components need to move simultaneously.But another important element that may serve accelerate the very long process is donors. Donors have been committing billions of dollars each year to projects that promote financial inclusion and today they are expanding their priorities and seek opportunities to achieve inclusion by supporting economic development and poverty alleviation. Donors can continue to add value by using part of their resources in supporting overall development objectives and creating the favorable ecosystem. According to a recent study by Frost & Sullivan, “The emergence of services such as PayTech, RegTech, InsurTech, and digital banking highlight the ways in which digitalization has impacted the industry. Many innovative solutions can be expected, as different stakeholders in the industry collaborate to enhance industry performance.

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FinTech & Innovation

As regulators took their time in developing the processes towards financial inclusion and their reluctance to seriously move towards digital inclusion, a rapture between them and the new world occurred; and only innovation can fix. PAFIX 2018 will not only present FinTechs the way other events do: they show them as a button in the elegant classical suit, while we show them as partners that will lead the future towards a faster, more efficient and to-the-point Digital Financial Inclusion. This track will offer insight into the FinTech movement, with an emphasis on technologies which help players better understand data and deal with it in an efficient and creative manner.

The Future and Implications of Blockchain Technology

Another important topic to be tackled from a financial perspective, noting that blockchain is not limited to it, is blockchain – its future and implications. Discussions at PAFIX 2018 include:

  • Will it take decades for blockchain to merge with our economic infrastructure, both in terms of complex cases and simpler applications?
  • What barriers must governments, corporations and other legal entities overcome to widely adopt blockchain?
  • Is blockchain only e-cash, or a new operating system for the economy?
  • How can Legislation understand the complex aspects of blockchain technology, with its diverse uses and implications? Dividends: How do newcomers participate in the blockchain revolution? Does it require significant technological and resource investment?
  • How secure is blockchain?
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Exhibitor Profile

  • Banks and Financial Institutions
  • E - Payment and M - Payment Platforms and Service Providers
  • Retail Service Providers
  • Payment Technology Providers
  • Government agencies
  • Infrastructure companies
  • Technology vendors- Mobile operators

Visitor Profile

  • Banking sector professionals
  • E - payment platform providers
  • Private sector industry leaders (both giants and start - ups)
  • Service providers
  • E - commerce Platforms and Service Providers
  • ATM Machine Manufacturers