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Education is a core part of the economic development of any country and is one of the significant influences in enabling growth. Technology is having a revolutionary impression on every aspect of education. Technology can create a transformation in the ultimate aim and delivery of education. Technology helps in promoting student and teacher skills and enhances teacher- student relationship.

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Real transformation only comes from disruption,which requires a clear vision of where we’re trying to go, and political and professional leadership to get there. Now, the time is right for education transformation, based on top top ICT trends,  namely:

  • Cloud computing making ICT capability available and at less cost for education providers.
  • Big data highlights the increasing importance of analytical skills for learners
  • Mobile data, especially video, will enrich the modern education process

LEARN-TECH MEA aims at bringing together governments,academics, educators, educational corporates and institutions to make education more relevant in the dynamic 21st century. We shall bring together thousands of educators from across Africa and the Middle East to deliberate the future of learning. Together, we’ll witness the latest educational technologies and trends, while at a variety of conference sessions, the future of education in the region will be wide-open. LEARN-TECH MEA conference will discuss approaches, methodologies and best practices in education to be adopted. The exhibition will display the latest technology trends to change learning, such as:

  • AI-Driven Customized Learning:

    Artificial Intelligence will play a key role in education to create customized learning paths for learners based on topics they have recently studied

  • Adaptive Learning:

    Its methodologies allow learners to move quickly through concepts they already know and focus on concepts they need to build skills on.

  • Microlearning:

    A concept to be enhanced, as studies prove that retention is better when information is delivered in bite-size pieces focusing on a single topic.

  • Hands-On, Embedded Experiences:

    Lab-delivery platforms and lab-style learning embedded within e-learning are hot matters, bringing e-learning closer to traditional

  • Social Learning:

    To scale and provide the global learner base with a continuous learning environment, where they learn not just from experts but also from each other.


  • Transforming Education for Tomorrow’s Students
  • Learning Strategy: Creating a high-impact learning strategy
  • Mobile Delivery: Driving high-value team learning with mobile delivery
  • The Future of Learning: where should you focus today?
  • Case Study: e.g. Game-Based approach to learning without lessons
  • Connecting classrooms globally across languages & cultures
  • How can digital technology help break down barriers in education competitiveness?
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Quality education plays a key role in the economic development of any nation and is one of the key forces in enabling growth. Learn-Tech MEA), a 4-day chance to attend an innovative educational content for educators of all levels, representing the full sphere of educational suppliers, bringing them together with all levels of educationalists in one place. There is no better place to witness the latest educational technologies in action and participate in a range of conference topics about the future of education in Africa and the Middle East.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Suppliers and Services Providers
  • Educational and Technology Solutions Companies
  • Universities, schools & institutions
  • Donor Agencies
  • Educational Supplies Providers
  • AI and Robotics companies
  • Lab Equipment Providers
  • Infrastructure Developers & Education Construction Contractors
  • AV Equipment Vendors
  • Training Consultants
  • E-Content Providers
  • System Integrators
  • Intelligence Education associations
  • Interactive whiteboards and technologies
  • Learning games and devices
  • 3D printers, scanners, augmented reality

Visitor Profile from across the MEA region and Europe

  • Academics and Researchers
  • Primary, secondary, vocational, or tertiary educators
  • School counsellors, principals and teachers
  • Technologists and Scientists
  • Education policy developers
  • Education advisers
  • Professionals from the private and public sector
  • Technical staff
  • Career/employment officers
  • Open learning specialists