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Cairo ICT 2022 Topics

  • Innovative solutions for Modern Data Center Considerations

2021 represented a period of accelerated transformation for the technology industry. The resultant changes to the design and capacity of data centers that were brought about have sparked questions about optimal data center designs, as well as the roadmap to future-state data centers. Almost every technology organization has seen a meaningful paradigm shift in how they manage service delivery, allocate resources, and provide user support. These changes are further underpinned by greater connectivity requirements and a clear emphasis on sustainable technologies. As these challenges grow in scale, discussions around optimal data center design, uptime, resiliency, and risk posturing are going to increase in relevance and urgency.

At Cairo ICT 2022, we will gather industry leaders and innovators at one expo to provide their leading-edge views, strategies and insights on how they are tackling these ambiguous challenges and building the technologies of the future . During the event, you can expect to:

    • Receive networking opportunities with the brightest, most innovative minds in the data center industry
    • Take a peek into the future of data center technologies
    • Expand your knowledge on managing data centers cost-effectively
    • Learn energy control efficiencies that are economical while demonstrating environmental stewardship
    • Remain updated of new product launches
    • Understand how to manage costs prudently as data center needs and workloads grow


  • 5G

As technology improves global interconnectedness, telecom companies are facing demand to improve the reliability and network capacity of wireless services. At Cairo ICT 2022, you can see firsthand how carriers and wireless operators are responding to these needs with the powerful 5G network that will bolster efficiencies and elevate user experience.



In the new interconnected world, Cairo ICT remains the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region’s hub of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) technology. The event will be host to truly cutting-edge innovations from next-gen founders and companies across the world who share a common vision for a safer, responsible, and more sustainable future.

  • Cyber Security

With cyber-attacks on the rise, there are rapidly evolving threats that cybersecurity professionals have to remain cognizant of. Information security protocols are also becoming gradually more difficult to implement in a more globalized world. However, earning and retaining customer trust is paramount now more than ever.

By remaining abreast of the big picture and key trends in cybersecurity, organizations can remain vigilant while addressing new threats in a proactive manner. To this end, cybersecurity information and education needs to be embedded into the core strategy to ensure that all personnel and systems are appropriately equipped to prevent, detect, defend against, and mitigate the consequences of cyberattacks. The objectives of CAISEC include:

    • Providing insights in setting up, maintaining and improving information security
    • Protecting against hybrid threats
    • Protection of critical infrastructure in companies and institutions

At CAISEC, participants can strengthen their knowledge and shields against cyberattacks by networking with industry experts, and learning about the latest developments in cyber security. We also have an array of leading speakers and exhibitors that will showcase the newest services and solutions to defend against bad actors and agents in a world that is increasingly digital.

You can also discover scalable solutions that help to protect your business. These initiatives are designed to mitigate uncertainty through the development of robust cybersecurity strategies that implement high-quality defence measures.


  • Digital transformation a new era

Albeit new, the concept of a ‘Digital government’ has become a significant topic of discussion as the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) continues to grow at an unprecedented pace. According to a survey, over half of the countries in the MENA region have currently instituted digital government initiatives. Thus far, the steps taken by the Egyptian government have been widely viewed as advancement-focused actions that will help to drive progress for the country and the broader region.


  • Global Digital Government Transformation Enters a New Era

The transformation of government governance and service is typically reflective of the prevalent characteristics of the particular time period. From the early stages of information digitization, online services and service integration to the modern smart government, technology has played a crucial role in the effectiveness and efficiency of service delivery by governments. According to a 2020 UN survey, 84% of countries offered at least one e-government mobile application. This trend is likely to continue as governments continue to prioritize the integration of technology to accelerate service delivery and economics.

Some of the key themes that will be covered in Cairo ICT 2022:

    • Transformation of public sector services
    •  Impact of cloud on public sector services
    •  African Government technology ecosystem
    •  Engaging citizens through more accessible governments
    •  The future of work and hybrid workforces
    •  Identifying cyber threats in the public sector through cohesive strategies
    •  Health services transformation using technology
    •  New ways of learning with digital education
    •  5G and IoT
    •  Integrating Robotics and AI into the public sector
    •  Digital initiatives for smart governments


One show, extra-ordinary exhibit experience, countless opportunities

4 Days of High-level Networking Events with Endless Opportunities

Cairo ICT is built around creating targeted exposure with theme-specific technologies to enable exhibitors showcase products/services to a highly motivated targeted audience in a unique business environment.

  • Discover new opportunities in virgin markets
  • Understand how core industry themes will affect your business
  • Exhibit next to a conference featuring top tier regional industry speakers
  • Use a strong cross-border PR campaign, where next-generation innovations are introduced
  • Find new partners
  • Consolidate existing customer relations
  • Grow your network and get competitive edge over your competition

Unique Campaign

Cairo ICT has one of the largest campaigns in the region, using all vehicles that lead to the widest exposure. Regional specialized media, TVs and the internet are our field of action.

Over the past 25-year Cairo ICT continues to attract a growing number of regional leaders, decision-makers from within the ICT and respective industries, alongside key decision-makers from important sectors including government, finance, health, education, tourism, real state, transport, aviation, and armed forces. Networking events include:

High-level Networking

  • Pre-Event Dinner
  • Opening Ceremony
  • VIP Networking Lunch
  • 40 + Forum Sessions Featuring top tier industry Speakers
  • Ministerial Sessions, Panel Discussions Sessions, B2B Sessions and B2C Sessions
  • Daily VIP tours with top-level decision makers and regional buyers
  • VIP Gala Dinner