Under the High Patronage of H.E. Abdel Fattah Al Sisi President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

Welcome to dot-gov MEA 2018


What does the future look like for digital technology in the public sector? How do countries seek to shift with global trends, seeking citizen contribution to the economy and ultimately citizen satisfaction? In 2015, countries adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals, with digital technology at the core of such vision. The Journey to Government digital transformation examines the ability of digital technology to fundamentally transform the way the public sector operates and delivers services to customers and offers strategies for government leaders to accelerate the rate of their progress.



Objectives of dot-gov MEA 2018

  • Show progress governments made in their journey towards transformation

  • Announce governments’ plans in the coming years

  • Exchange experiences with other governments about the process, feedback… etc.

  • Listen to top industry professionals about shortcuts to reach their goals faster and more efficiently

  • Help governments create world class digital platforms and services

  • Lean how governments can provide security for departments to share vital data

  • Encourage more citizens to engage the government online

  • Create ways for reducing the cost of delivering
    public services

Transformation in Government Verticals

It is a grave mistake if we speak of government as one block, as the process that may apply to one department, may not apply to the other. A connected government is vital, but different departments or ministries have their variations, or may need additional or different tools for service delivery. Government Transformation Expo 2018 will address some verticals as examples of such variation, such as:

Government Transformation in Healthcare Sector:

Health Ministers and top health officials from the MEA region will discuss issues related, among others, to:

  • Creating Connected Health Cities
  • Sharing health data across research centers for public good
  • Unifying health providers in any given country under one regulator
  • Uniting universities and research centers and networks to improve the lives of millions
  • Empowering citizens to take control of their healthcare
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FinTech & Innovation

Government Transformation in Digital Verification

  • Unifying identity methods, tools and verification technologies
  • Considering alternative identification systems that can be spread out to remote areas
  • Examining best practices which are economical, effective and portable
  • Probing and comparing the outcome of systems applied

These are only examples of the different government verticals that will combine government officials, solution providers and citizen leadership from parliaments to local councils… etc from countries within and outside the MEA region to establish user-centric designs jointly with service providers.

Who Should Attend:

  • Governments seeking to present their vision to the world and seeking to exchange views with their peers
  • Government officials from across the Middle East and Africa
  • Representatives of international and United Nations organization
  • Donor agencies and charities
  • Technology providers
  • Media influencers and economists