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Tarek Heiba; Dell EMC Egypt and Libya General Manager : Our participation is different in Cairo ICT .... Digital transformation is a must

In his first press interview The company has met with Tarek Heiba, General Manager of Dell EMC Egypt and Libya, after holding  his new post , during which we listened to the vision and strategy of the company in the market starting from the direction to maximize the benefit of the system of digital transformation, through positive developments in the center of excellence of the company, which is one of the top three centers in the world .

The following lines review  our conversation with HEIBA hours before the 22nd session of the Cairo ICT 2018 exhibition and conference …

What about your participation this year in Cairo ICT ?

Our participation this year will be strong and different as it is an unprecedented partnership for the global company through the suite "Dell Technologies", which includes our seven companies ,  "Dell", "Dell EMC" and "Pivotal" and "RSA" and "SecureWorks" and "Virtustream" and "VMware" all on a single platform in Cairo ICT 2018, through which the company shares all of its family members for the future of technology in a variety of opportunities

 The company will demonstrate its ability to bring about the desired transformation and make it a reality in the region, with the portfolio of products in the sector covering the needs of companies in all of the systems' parties for data mining and access to cloud computing .


Much talk about the concept of digital transformation in Egypt - where are we from this concept ?

Egypt is proceeding  steadily on the path of digital transformation. There are efforts rendered  by us as a pioneer in this field, in addition to the vision of the state and the Egyptian government towards this trend .


Has digital transformation become a fashion ?

It is not a fashion but a global trend. Either we catch the digital transformation train or we fall behind it. Digital transformation has no specific date, but it is linked to existing projects in every country or institution .

Digital transformation also exists in varying degrees between companies and between countries, so digital transformation has become a necessity .

We try to share our vision of digital transformation, and we hope that the digital transformation in Egypt will proceed rapidly .


What are the mechanisms needed  for launching digital transformation? Is it infrastructure or money ?

The subject depends on thought and vision. The Egyptian government has no problem in this respect and we want this technology to become competitive .


Some have a firm conviction that in case of adopying the digital transformation and the trend toward artificial intelligence there will be job cuts ?

If that happens, tens of thousands of new opportunities will be created because development is bound to come .


If we talk about the merger between DEL and EMC, how do emerging countries such as Egypt benefit from this merger ?

At the beginning, I assure you that the merger in Egypt has been very smooth both in the business and in the human resources of the two companies. The company believes in the importance of the local market and therefore we are in Egypt and we increase our investments year after year in both business and human resources available at the Center of Excellence .


There is no doubt that your Center of Excellence in Egypt is a true success story - what about it ?

The center of excellence in Egypt is one of the three most important centers in the world. The first is located in India and the second is in Ireland , while Cairo hosts the third place, which includes 1370 specialists. We have an ambitious vision and strategy to reach 2000 people serving  Europe and the Middle East and speaking  14 languages, also the the strategic location of Egypt and the availability of human cadres trained at the highest professional level is what qualified it  to host this center .


What do you think about Some others who consider the Egyptian market …as a market for product disposal ?

I think the situation is different in the case of our company, although we are the largest in the market share, but we believe in the importance of the Egyptian market, which is reflected on the investment in people led by the company , in addition to the training programs for university graduates , towards which Del EMC pays special cocern .

 What are the main sectors that you focus on ?

We do not have priorities in all sectors. We are equally concerned with each sector. We work in a number of sectors, including the government sector, the banking sector and the ICT sector, and we seek to provide the needs of each customer according to its needs and requirements .


Prior holding the post as a branch manager in Egypt and Libya, you were the sales manager for the Middle East and Africa. How did you estimate the Egyptian market situation ?

The situation in the Egyptian market has improved considerably , during the years following the January revolution, the growth opportunities were fairly modest, today, however, the situation has changed, Egypt has become one of the most prominent markets in the Middle East and Africa and the market has been mature enough , also today's figures are satisfactory for everyone whether in sales or market share or growth rates .


Recently , we saw a meeting between H.E.President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi and American companies - how do you see this meeting ?

What I am happy about in these meetings is that I am confident about the Egyptian government's credibility in what it is doing and there is growing confidence among the companies in the opportunities granted by the Egyptian state to companies, whether local or international .


Local companies claim  their chances of growth are low …How do you exolain this ?

You have to look for competition and try to be broadminded  to guarantee survival, the projects cake is  large, but companies try to limit their perspective in one place without the other , while this vision must be changed .

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