About Fiber Misr

Since the establishment of Fiber Misr LLC in 2016, it has been structured as a Multi-divisional organization in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Fiber Misr is managed and operated by a team of highly skilled, widely experienced and multinational exposed intellectuals in diverse areas of Information Technology. The main objective of the Fiber Misr team is to fulfil the technical and IT needs of major mega governmental, industrial and commercial projects in Egypt and Africa.

  • Our main commitment is to provide the Egyptian and African (Government & Corporate) markets with cutting-edge ICT solutions, infrastructure support and services that are designed, built and operated by our highly-qualified workforces


  • Our mission, vision, goal and motto are entirely focused on providing unique and innovative ICT solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations; not only by understanding our customers’ business objectives, but particularly by fulfilling ethical and social responsibilities in the communities in which we operate.


The name “Fiber Misr” reflects our strong desire and commitment to contribute to the Egyptian society and to the regional industry by being a leading world-class trusted provider of reliable and cost-effective innovative ICT solutions and infrastructure, leveraging the digital transformation process in Egypt, Middle East and Africa to transform lives and societies for the better.
Our strength lies in our highly experienced and motivated workforce as well as the well-established strategic partnerships that we have with the most influential manufacturers in the industry world-wide.
All of us at Fiber Misr have contributed to the company’s achievements and success. Fiber Misr team is capable of leading the market in a diverse range of ICT solutions and infrastructure.
We have successfully completed many complex and challenging mega projects (Government & Corporate) within the Egyptian market. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our customers for their enduring loyalty to Fiber Misr, our partners for continuing to collaborate and innovate with us, and each one of our staff for their unwavering commitment to excellence.


Chairman & CEO

Fiber Misr


To be the leading provider of reliable ICT solutions and infrastructure, driving digital transformation in the Middle East and Africa..


To professionally provide our customers with quality, cutting-edge, and innovative ICT solutions and infrastructure that are designed, built and operated by our highly-qualified teams; helping our customers achieve their business goals while caring for our employees and delivering value to our communities and shareholders.


“Fiber Misr ensures service delivery as per international standards, quality excellence through a collaborative delivery methodology that utilizes the forces of our expertise, our partners and our customers.”


System Integrator

Equinox is a leading system integrator and provider of infrastructure technology solutions and services in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region. It was 100% acquired by Fiber Misr in 2018, with a complete portfolio of solutions to meet the mission-critical objectives of enterprises and service providers.

Equinox solutions and services allow clients to build their infrastructure smarter, reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO), and increase the availability and robustness of their services and applications. Equinox has been operational since 2005.

Africa Marine

the first African company specializing in cost-effective submarine turnkey solutions covering the African continent in the fields of oil & gas, telecommunications and power. The Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Gulf, Indian Ocean and Eastern Africa are part of the geographical areas they cover.

Africa Marine’s diversified services include:

  • Marine route survey services
  • Submarine cable installation
  • Repair & maintenance
  • Marine project management
  • Cable freight services
  • Storage and vessel chartering
  • Logistical support