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Since Fiber Misr was established as Fiber Misr LLC in 2016, it has been structured as a Multi-divisional organisation in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Fiber Misr is managed by a team of highly skilled and experienced intellectuals in diverse areas of Information Technology. The main objective of the Fiber Misr team is to fulfil the technical and IT needs of major mega governmental, industrial and commercial projects in Africa.

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The technologies’ base used in each vertical segment that we serve is similar, however each vertical segment has its own adaptation and specificities. In Fiber Misr, we understand the differences and thus able to analyse our clients’ needs, goals and priorities and build and customize innovative solutions and systems accordingly.

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+(202) 2542 8464

+(202) 2542 8464

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Fiber Misr Services

Quality and Delivery Turn-Around-Time are at the core of Fiber Misr ICT solutions and infrastructure. We are committed to delivering products and services that meet international standards on all fronts.

Information & Communications Technology Infrastructure

We offer a diverse range of complex turnkey solutions for ICT infrastructure, ranging from passive network, fiber optic In-House-FTTH, Cabling Installations to Outdoor Cable Infrastructure

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Network Solutions

Our high-performance network infrastructure solutions are based on simplicity, security, openness, and scale. Our innovation empowers our customers, our partners, and ultimately everyone in a connected world.

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We offer a variety of converged security services integrating logical and physical network security with access control and surveillance

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Cloud Solutions

We offer a diverse range of advanced cloud solutions, ranging from network services, infrastructure to business applications in the cloud.
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Iot Solutions

We offer a diverse range of IoT solutions, ranging from hardware and cloud based platform to security and integrations.
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Consultancy and Design Services

We offer a variety of professional consultancy and design services,ranging from consulting, solution design, risk assessment to implementation and project management
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