Smart Communities 2016

is a unique exhibition and forum that showcases cutting-edge technologies, real-world solutions and proven strategies taken up or need to be taken up by real estate developers and government bodies who seek to build more livable, workable, sustainable cities. Specialized visitors will have an opportunity to see, hear and experience the next wave of innovative, integrated technologies that are already helping communities become more connected and sustainable.
Smart Communities 2016 is the only exhibition and forum dedicated to the creation of smart living and working communities as a means to reach a wider application of the concepts in larger areas, including smart cities for the purpose of sustainable growth, better living standards. Executives and experts, from public and private sectors, will discuss how the building boom in the region has not yet met the latest in technology. However, the exhibition will showcase exhibitors who have taken concrete steps in creating such communities and how the application of Smart concepts is gradually becoming the differentiator for purchasing decision makers.

The event will bring to the public first-hand knowledge about the applications of smart living, as stakeholders discuss barriers and changes as well as best practices, solutions and innovative thinking aimed at tackling these great complexities and opportunities for the communities of the 21st century

Africa and the Arab World are seeing a boom in real estate projects of different types, with multi-purpose projects becoming more dominant. Egypt comes at the forefront of these countries in terms of growth for many reasons, including a growing demand, a large population, and using real estate as a guaranteed investment. However, such growth will drive the market soon to set new rules for selecting which project to reside in, work in or even invest in. The decisive element along the coming 2 decades at least will be the kind of technology employed for better living and working standards.

Meanwhile, vendors, entrepreneurs, disruptors and service providers will find a ripe opportunity in Smart Communities 2016 to present their products and services to government officials, the business community, their prospect and potential clients with valid arguments to use their technologies in both the infra and supra-structures. Governments need to adopt the smart concept in utilities, services and in the case of Egypt, in building its new administrative capital. Hence, vendors will not only display technologies related to homes and work places, but also those relevant to related aspect of life, such as transport, fuel consumption and similar.