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Schell scheme

Shell scheme stands are the simplest option and a cost effective way of exhibiting at Cairo ICT

Shell scheme image is for illustration only

Shell Scheme options are available in a variety of dimensions, starting from a minimum space of 12sqm and include the following:

  • listing in the official trade directory
  • Wall panels (Side walls and back walls)
  • Fascia with company name
  • Carpet (Needle-punched-carpet)
  • Standard  electrical outlet (up to 1.2kW)
  • VIP Invitations
  • Normal Invitations
  • 1 x  Spotlight per 3sqm
  • 1 x  Table
  • 2 x  Chairs
  • 1 x  Waste basket

Exhibitor Services & Facilities

The following services & facilities for exhibitors are available at extra cost. Please contact your account manager for more information and refer to the exhibitor manual.

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Data & telecommunication service (local telephone line, international telephone line, fax machine, internet connection, etc.)
  • Electrical installations
  • Furniture and installations
  • Information Counter 100*100*50 cm
  • Lockable Counter 120*120*50 cm
  • Small Show Case 100*100*50 cm
  • Large Show Case 200*100*50 cm
  • Aluminum Table 100*75*75 cm
  • Folding Door 100*250 cm
  • Flat Shelf 100*30 cm
  • Sofa Seat
  • Aluminum Chair
  • Stand Ashtray
  • High Chair
  • Catalogue advertising
  • Corporate presentation
  • Temporary Staff
  • Public Relations (a service provided by Mercury Communication)

Shell Scheme Rate

USD 420 Per Square Meter

Payment Terms

Due upon contract signing25% of total participation fees
Due by 1 june 201750% of total participation fees
Due by 1october 201725% of total participation fees
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