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Raw Space

Raw space is the rental of floor space only. The space rented does not include any utilities,services, walls,carpet or furniture. The exhibitor contractor is responsible for all of the building items.The exhibitor is responsible to take care of the set-up, installation and breakdown of their booth.

Construction: General rules

These rules may be restrictions to you, but you may see them as well as a means to protect your rights vs. others’ lack of commitment.
The daily hours for mantling and dismantling are:

  • Mantling for raw-space exhibitors only will start on November 30, 2017.
  • Mantling for shell-scheme space exhibitors will start on December 2nd, 2017 from 1pm.
  • Dismantling will be after closing hours on December 6th, 2017.

Raw Space Rate

USD 350 Per Square Meter

Minimum space of 12sqm

Payment Terms

Due upon contract signing25% of total participation fees
Due by 1 june 201750% of total participation fees
Due by 1october 201725% of total participation fees

Note: All exhibitors and co-exhibitors are required to pay a registration fee of USD 350(inclusive of exhibitor name tags and trade invitation entitlement, logo placement, general advertising expenses and listing in the official trade directory.

Exhibitors WILL NOT be permitted to dismantle their stands until main halls are completely evacuated from visitors & after closing hours 9pm

  • Organizer will not be held responsible for the security of the stand during the mantling and dismantling days. Exhibitors will also be responsible for their stands, equipment and all displayed items during exhibition days from 10:00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m. A representative from each company has to be present to ensure the security of equipment.
  •  All exhibitors are to provide the Operations Director with a detailed dimensional drawing showing the front, side and back perspective,elevation and floor layout of their proposed stand design for a written approval.
  • Deadline for receiving stand designs is November 15TH, 2017.
  • Exhibitors not submitting their stand machetes for approval before the stated deadline might be faced with the removal or alteration of their stand design onsite if the organizer sees that this action must be taken.
  • Exhibitors must ensure that all gangways adjoining the stand are not blocked during mantling and dismantling to a degree that inhibits the movement of other exhibitor’s goods and freight.
  • No part of any stand including fascia, signage, lighting or other fittings shall project into or overhang any gangway or adjacent stand. Any display or other items attached must not project over the frontage of space taken by another exhibitor.

Exhibitor Services & Facilities

The following services & facilities for exhibitors are available at extra cost. Please contact your account manager for more information and refer to the exhibitor manual.

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Data & telecommunication service (local telephone line, international telephone line, fax machine, internet connection, etc.)
  • Electrical installations
  • Furniture and installations
  • Information Counter 100*100*50 cm
  • Lockable Counter 120*120*50 cm
  • Small Show Case 100*100*50 cm
  • Large Show Case 200*100*50 cm
  • Aluminum Table 100*75*75 cm
  • Folding Door 100*250 cm
  • Flat Shelf 100*30 cm
  • Sofa Seat
  • Aluminum Chair
  • Stand Ashtray
  • High Chair
  • Catalogue advertising
  • Corporate presentation
  • Temporary Staff
  • Public Relations (a service provided by Mercury Communication)
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