DSS 2016

the 2nd edition of the show which has proven success in its first round, covering technologies pertaining to defense, homeland security, airport security, private security and public safety fields. Today it provides a special window of opportunity for international manufacturers as well as defense, internal security and public safety procurement market in the MEA region to meet along 4 days in Cairo Egypt.

The show is projected to expand further this year in terms of exhibitors and the number of high-ranking decision-makers from around the region attending in this ‘must-attend’ event in domains that are booming in our changing world and region. Today, the demand for international security has risen to new heights to counter all aspects of terrorism and crimes whether in border control, vital sites or even in crowded venues, such as stadiums, universities, tourist areas or simply concerts. The ability to protect citizens, businesses and governments from criminals has become more urgent than ever.

Security spending in the MEA region is sky rocketing and will cover all modes of transport plus retail, residential and public facilities.
With 90% of world trade now is in maritime operation, this is an unaccounted for field to open new vistas for system integrators to provide security solutions. Many countries as well have set a prerequisite to send their tourists to countries of the region to security elements in airports and tourist areas in such countries. Hence, countries seeking a portion of the large tourist cake have no alternative to spending well on security equipment and measures.

Airport security technology is currently going through major changes. A recent report from Frost & Sullivan entitled ‘Global Airport Security Technology Market Assessment’ found that the airport security market could reach USD 12.67 billion by 2023. The key motivators are an increasing number of international passengers, growing security threats involving aviation, and the number of new airports.

Border security presents another excellent business opportunity, especially for countries in the heart of tension in the Middle East. Border security is not anymore limited to inbound threats, but outbound as well, turning illegal immigration as a new widespread disease of our modern times. The upgrade of border security and the demand for effective immigration control has fueled the need for biometrics, fixed surveillance devices, and unmanned aerial vehicles.
Also, as network infrastructure has grown and economies have become more dependent on internet-based communications, cyber-attacks have emerged as a serious threat to 21st Century economies and an opportunity to provide the latest trends and solutions in this domain.
By Public safety at DSS 2016, we are addressing organizations such as Law Enforcement, Fire Service, Rescue Squads, Ambulance Services, and Emergency Management bodies.

Exhibitor Profile

  • Manufacturers of vehicles and vessels
  • Manufacturers electronic defense equipment
  • Manufacturers of fire control systems, launchers and fire engines
  • Security installers
  • Providers of Port/Border control systems
  • Manufacturers of X-ray and other detection systems
  • Manufacturers of CCTV and intruder alarms
  • Manufacturers of access control & electronic security devices
  • Manufacturers of Next-Generation Sensors and Imaging Systems
  • Facility security management systems
  • Airport security systems
  • Security Training methodologies and equipment providers
  • Manufacturers UAVs and Space Display Technologies
  • Manufacturers of Sensor Data and Information Exploitation systems
  • Providers of Imagery and Pattern Analysis
  • Providers of Command Control, Communications & Intelligence (C3I)
  • Providers of cyber Sensing/Security
  • Pattern and Target Recognition Biometrics
  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
  • Ambulance vehicles and rescue technologies
  • System Integrators

Visitor Profile

  • Regional high-level armed forces officials
  • Regional high-level homeland security officials
  • Regional high-level intelligence Officers
  • Regional high-level border Control Officers
  • Facility security heads
  • Industrial safety officials
  • Public safety and rescue team leaders
  • Consultants
  • Government and university hospital officials