Under the High Patronage of H.E. Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Arab Republic of Egypt

November 27 – 30



The 19th round took place with much fanfare and glory, seeing for the first time Egypt’s President Abd el-Fattah Al-Sisi leading dignitaries to the opening of the event and concluding with a record number of experts past the 70,000 visitors mark from all over the region, declaring that Cairo ICT has become a can’t-afford-to-miss conference and expo.

A new map of the expo grounds, covering more than 30,000 square meters, provides the clear distinction of the sectors presented within Cairo ICT 2016, namely:

  • Telecommunications, Satellite Communications and IoT
  • Information Technology and Enterprise Solutions
  • Smart Cites and Smart Communities (Smart Communities)
  • Payment and Innovative Financial Inclusion (PAFIX)
  • Defense, Security and Public Safety Technology (DSS)

The Advent of a Disruptive Digital Era

This being the main theme of Cairo ICT 2016, speakers at the conference will talk to specialized attendees and regular visitors about the phenomenon that is changing the face of business, living and even playing. We need not explain how Uber, Airbnb and their likes are changing the way we do things. This is not a new concept, but simply a new model of doing business. Technologies in the past have consistently been disruptive in their simplest forms, though we do not remember. Remember how personal computers displaced typewriters? How digital cameras ended decades of depending on film?  How email transformed the way we communicate, and Cell phones disrupted the telecom industry? More recent, for the younger generation, do you remember how Smartphones largely replaced cell phones, PDAs, pocket cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices and even laptops?

As technology continues to evolve, and that’s an almost daily matter, disruptive technologies will appear. But, the current disruption is changing the entire business model, where startups will take only 2-3 years to reach the Forbes 100 and confident residents of that list will soon lose their place, revenues and perhaps their entire business. They will have to adapt or go extinct.

Cairo ICT 2016 will be the wakeup call for traditional businesses and will also be the place to reveal the newcomers into the different markets, to show the confrontation currently taking place. At the Disruptive Digital Era”, we shall see new dawns and will omen new sunsets. Keep your fingers crossed to see it happening on 27 – 30 November in Cairo, Egypt.

IoT at the heart of next generation enterprise

Disrupt, Transform and Monetize

At Cairo ICT 2016 we shall see the turning of IoT into a reality, and not just a jibber by technology leaders that remains within their labs, unconvincing to clients and incapable of reaching out within the region because customers cannot see it. IoT is truly reinventing enterprise and the consumer experience by creating value from connecting “things” with the ensuing monetization of IoT in the different industries; improving efficiency, enabling innovation and driving business transformation. We shall also examine at Cairo ICT the best IoT practices for manufacture, supply chains, utilities, trade, transportation, housing and others

Next Generation Communications: 4G and 5G

Many of the region’s telecom operators have already moved to 4G, while the world is speaking about 5G. Countries like Egypt are in the process of introducing 4G at the moment. The feasibility of the next generation networks has been proven. However, are we really lagging behind in adopting 5G, or is it not yet suitable for our region? How did consumers in the region benefit so far from the introduction of 4G, and how can newcomers avoid shortcomings of the past experience? Will operators jump fast to 5G, or it has not yet proven to be feasible for the developing world?